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Speaker Profile: Anupama Anantharaman

VP, Product Management


Anupama Anantharaman is a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience in MPEG Standards, video quality, video compression, Linear, and OTT TV, and streaming media. Anupama began her career as a software engineer at Compression Labs, where she played a crucial role in the development of H.320 and H.323 videoconferencing products based on MPEG video standards. Since then, she has held product management and business development positions in various Silicon Valley-based hi-tech companies. At Interra, Anupama manages product management and marketing activities including product definition, launch, strategic selling, and technology alliances for video QC, monitoring, and analyzer products. She loves engaging with customers to understand their needs and problems. Her customer-centric approach to product management has led to successful product launches and market penetration, including Interra’s ORION content monitoring platform. Passionate about video monitoring and quality, she is committed to driving the growth and success of the streaming media industry.


Mastering the Game: Elevating the QoE for Live Monitoring With Real-Time Content Monitoring

3:45 PM to 4:00 PM

While streaming services have revolutionized the way viewers consume media content, delivering a high-quality live streaming experience is no simple feat. This presentation will explore the current hurdles faced by streaming companies in providing a superior QoE for live streaming, with a focus on compression artifacts, audio issues, and ad insertion challenges. Attendees will learn how comprehensive content monitoring — at all critical points in the video processing and delivery path — is essential for addressing these issues, and enables streaming service providers to deliver top-tier live content that meets viewers’ ever-increasing expectations while maximizing revenues.