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Speaker Profile: David Hassoun

Chief Technologist, Cloud Media Solutions


David was the founder, visionary and leader of RealEyes for 18 years before being acquired by Dolby. Now at Dolby he is the Chief Technologist for the Dolby Cloud Media Solutions organization and helps connect business, product and technology teams to drive Dolby towards success in the media streaming space. He has a track record of providing creative solutions to some of the industry’s most challenging problems, understanding business requirements and limitations, and funneling all of that into actionable solutions that can be distributed and executed by his teams and our clients. David’s career started over 20 years ago and he also taught as an adjunct professor for grad and undergrad students for 10 years at the University of Denver. He is no stranger to large scale, high pressure streaming events: he’s worked with some of the biggest names in the industry to deliver thousands of live streaming events, including five Olympics, and three Super Bowls.


Hybrid Ultra & Low Latency Media Processing Workflows

8:30 AM to 8:45 AM

The streaming industry is always split between two colliding priorities: latency and stability. Typically, to achieve one, you must sacrifice the other in some way. Since there is no single technology (at the moment) to accomplish both priorities at a high level, sometimes technologies must be mixed. What is needed is the latency of WebRTC, but the stability, scale, and feature set of http streaming. To achieve this, we will explore the approach of a hybrid solution intermixing multiple streaming formats into a single solution at the player. In this talk, we will go into some of the challenges of a unified real time and low latency streaming workflow, as well as some of our potential solutions.