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Speaker Profile: Juraj Siska




Open Caching in Low Bandwidth Network Conditions

11:40 AM to 11:55 AM

At IdeaNova, we embraced OCS-RS to build our own implementation of dCDN, suitable for the aviation industry. My presentation will give users insight into our solution, which includes: flexible and convenient platform for making code enhancements using docker, improved performance to support byte range requests, improved security using https support and DRM, fixed several issues. All of the above have been contributed to the common repository to be used and enhanced by the rest of the community. We have also completed successful integration with our player and implemented support for DRM content playback. We performed the first successful integration of Open Caching with uCDN provided by Broadpeak. This is the first step of getting Inplay Edge rolled out to aviation industry in a new product offering at the end of this year. At this presentation you'll learn what it takes to provide open caching in low bandwidth network conditions.