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Speaker Profile: Kei Foo

Director of Video Delivery Engineering - Content Protection


Kei is Director of Video Delivery Engineering – Content Protection at Charter Communications. For the past 9 years her focus has been with cable and IP video streaming content protection, video piracy and client/player integration. She provides technical direction on content security solutions where her specialized team manages Digital Rights Management, implements enhanced content security solutions to address the evolving piracy landscape and the overall security of video content delivery. Prior to joining Charter, she spent 15 years in the telecommunication industry, starting in the wireless industry as a project engineer managing wireless tower and base station construction. She moved into radio frequency engineering and planning. She continued to grow her technical knowledge through various technical roles which included testing and validating different in home network solutions and eventually landed on IPTV.


SVTA Working Group Update: Privacy and Protection

4:50 PM to 5:00 PM

The SVTA Privacy and Protection Working Group will provide updates on current projects.