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Speaker Profile: Omar Ramadan

Co-Founder and CEO/CTO



Over-the-Air Multicast CDN - Reality or Fantasy?

1:45 PM to 2:00 PM

There is wide acknowledgement across the industry that multicast technologies are required to address the escalating scaling and infrastructure cost challenges presented by the use of unicast delivery for large live streaming and software download events. This session features a fireside chat with Glenn Goldstein (former Viacom and Lumen CDN) and Omar Ramadan (Facebook Connectivity, Blockcast) discussing the viability of leveraging over-the-air transports such as ATSC-3.0, Satellite, and 5G to securely broadcast video and data in real-time reliably and securely using C2PA content object authentication with a distributed metadata layer. They will also discuss the design space of new business models, including a marketplace for multi-cdn caching and multicast capacity, and smart contracts that content providers and upstream CDNs can use to reward network operators and end users for sharing data and deploying cost-saving local infrastructure.