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Speaker Profile: Sanjay Mishra

Associate Fellow


Accomplished Telecommunications professional with extensive experience in launching new and strategic products and services. Laser sharp Focus on technology innovation in areas of web-based media and cloud-based platforms. Skilled at service and product definition, system and network architecture, market and technology assessment and business process engineering,
Holder of US Patent for innovative design of enabling a mechanism for online ordering content such as video-on-demand. The mechanism allows ordering via a set-top-box on a TV or Internet-based online ordering. Content can be rendered on a TV or any device connected to the Internet. The mechanism also simultaneously initiates provisioning and billing of the asset on the underlying Network and Operations & Billing Support Systems (OSS/BSS) granting either perpetual ownership license and/or setting time-limit for rentals based on type of purchase. [US Patent: 9446261]


SVTA Working Group Update: Immersive Video

10:50 AM to 11:00 AM

The SVTA Immersive Video Working Group will provide updates on current projects.