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Speaker Profile: Steve Miller-Jones

VP, Product Strategy


As Vice President of Product Strategy at Netskrt, Steve oversees the Netskrt edge CDN product, which is focused on enabling the delivery of content at the outskirts of the Internet, reaching capacity challenged and limited locations such as passenger environments, remote communities, and event locations. Steve has over 15 years’ experience in the CDN industry and is a customer obsessed Product Management and Product Strategy professional. Prior to joining Netskrt, Steve was responsible for Product Management and Product Strategy at Limelight Networks, a global CDN. Steve has extensive experience in the CDN and media distribution industries spanning video workflows from field encoding to global CDN operations and solution engineering for Broadcast, Media & Entertainment and Enterprise markets. Steve has overseen the successful growth of streaming media and digital content distribution product and services portfolios and has also designed new service offerings, most recently in Edge Compute and Ultra-Low Latency streaming. Steve is an active member of the SVTA, an advisor to the CDNA and co-chairs the DTG’s Distribution Working Group.


Here. There. Everywhere: High-quality streaming for hard to reach subscribers

2:15 PM to 2:30 PM

As the licensing of live sporting events to OTT providers continues apace, the challenge of delivering live events at scale and high quality to the entire audience has not diminished. In this talk we will look at the challenges of at-scale live streaming, consider how data flows impact upstream connectivity and how ISPs serving smaller populations have a particular challenge to solve, when the CDNs delivering the content are expecting them to have the capacity in place to do so. Looking at the challenge of verifying and validating access to the end consumer in more remote and extra-urban ISPs, we will preview a case study on the impact of live streaming and the benefits of embedded and edge CDNs.